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 WorkOut 2.5 is built on Manta technology and developed specifically for PerkinElmer instrumentation.

Supported instrumentation includes online drivers for VICTOR and EnVision readers and also support for MicroBeta, MicroLumat, TopCount and many other microplate readers. Also improved integration with WIZARD2 and continuing support for PerkinElmer WIZARD1, ViewLux, TriCarb, MicroLumat, TopCount, MicroBeta, Caliper EZReader and Berthold Orion.

WorkOut 2.5 comprises all the components and features of the Manta software tailored for PerkinElmer instrumentation; the product is backed by an international network of trained product representatives and specialists. For a complete feature list of WorkOut 2.5 see the full Manta product description.

WorkOut 2.5 is available NOW. Contact Dazdaq or your nearest PerkinElmer distributor for more information.

WorkOut 2.5 is available as a FREE upgrade to existing WorkOut 2.0 users

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