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Changing one WorkOut VICTOR protocol affects another WorkOut VICTOR protocol.

Document ID: DQ322
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.5
Document description: Changing one WorkOut VICTOR protocol affects another WorkOut VICTOR protocol.

If a WorkOut protocol shares the VICTOR settings with another WorkOut protocol, changing the VICTOR settings will affect both protocols.

Each WorkOut protocol refers to a particular entry in the VICTOR database.  In the WorkOut Measurement Settings screen (displayed when a new protocol is created) you can select to create new VICTOR measurements settings or use an existing.

From this screen you are making an association with VICTOR measurements and the WorkOut protocol.  WorkOut tries its best to restrict access to changing existing VICTOR entries, you will notice that here the entry is marked as locked.  However, there are ways around this (such as copying and editing WorkOut protocols).  If two or more WorkOut protocols use the same VICTOR database entry (i.e. both point to the same) then editing one will affect others as you have found.

The solution is to ensure that each WorkOut protocol has its own VICTOR measurement settings.  If you need to copy a WorkOut protocol, then remember that changing the measurement settings will apply to all copies (including the original), so only copy a protocol if the measurement settings are the same, otherwise recreate the protocol. 

This behaviour is a consequence of the design of the VICTOR manager software.  The VICTOR manager software uses a database of all the configured measurement settings.  WorkOut communicates with the VICTOR manager software but unfortunately WorkOut has limited control over who can access the database and make changes.  The VICTOR measurements settings can only be stored by the VICTOR manager and WorkOut has no direct access to these records.
If you have many APR files and are not sure which are sharing VICTOR record you can use the tool described here http://www.dazdaq.com/view.php3?code=DQ249.  You can also use this tool to modify an APR which is using a shared record by creating a new VICTOR record for that APR.

With this tool you can browse to each APR and press Create and use new VICTOR record.  A message box will display the current key and a brief description – make a note of this key number.  The VICTOR editor is then displayed; at this point you can cancel the editor and then select No to overwrite the existing if no changes are required.  Alternatively if you know that the record is shared you can use the VICTOR editor to recreate the VICTOR settings in a new record.  This will ensure that the APR’s record is a new record, however, it is important that the measurements are what the protocol expects.
If you make a change in this way, the next time you run a protocol, when you press Start Measurements, WorkOut will advise that the settings have been modified outside of the protocol.  The VICTOR editor will then be displayed. At this point, close the Editor and press Ok on the Edit Protocol screen.


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