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How To: Include Date and Time in WIZARD2 Report?

Document ID: DQ313
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.5
Document description: How To: Include Date and Time in WIZARD2 Report?

It is possible to import the WIZARD2 measurement date and time from the CSV file and display it on a single line of the report.

Supporting files are provided here. It is recommended they are unzipped to a folder with a simple name such as c:\wiz. The ARS file illustrated how the final report will look.

Following are instructions how to modify and use an existing APR file to achieve this:

First, setup the protocol and add a GLP field. To do this, select the protocol and click Edit, then in the Advanced section, select the GLP tab and press Edit. Tick to use GLP and press Configure. Then Add a Field, call it Date and Time and give it a short name, such as DateTime .  You can untick the options here.

Now press OK until you exit the protocol editor.

The next step is to launch the protocol with the CSV file to import. This involves two steps. We are importing the raw data from the CSV file as the matrix data, but also importing the Time and Date data from the CSV file.

To simplify this process use the Command Line Launcher tool to produce the command to perform this. The Command Line Launcher tool is available from here.

With the Command Line Launcher tool, Browse to the Assay Protocol File, specify the CSV data file to import. Under the Advanced tab tick Import GLP Data and browse to the provided MIS file (attached) "WIZARD2 Date and Time". Next, under the GLP File section browse to the CSV file to import (this is the same CSV file as used earlier)

Finally press Launch, this will launch the protocol and import the measurement data and time and data.

When you are happy with this you can automate the whole process by using the command line call directly from the WIZARD2. With this setup the WIZARD can launch WorkOut automatically. Use the Copy Command Line to Clipboard option in the Command Line Launcher Tool to get the full command line, and replace the CSV filename with the macro used in the WIZARD2.

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