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How to: Combine data from two separate runs into one results file

Document ID: DQ311
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.5 Manta 2.5
Document description: How to: Combine data from two separate runs into one results file

When an assay has a long incubation period it might be useful to split the read process into two separate measurements rather than tying up the instrument unnecessarily

To make this work use 3 protocols, the first 2 protocols are setup to take the measurements, one before and one after incubation, each exporting the data to a single file.  The 3rd protocol is used to import the data back into WorkOut/Manta for analysis.  Follow these instructions to set this up:

1. Use the Quick Start Wizard to create the first protocol.  Set this up to take the measurements as required, you can use a plate of unknowns for the layout.  At the end of the wizard launch the protocol and then press Edit Protocol then Edit in the Transforms section (bottom left) and press Create and select the Text Export Transform.  Specify an output file name (such as c:\out.txt)  Set the Output Data as Microplate Matrix Single Matrix and select the Raw matrix:

Press OK until the return to the main screen and then press Save to save the protocol.  You can now Run the protocol for the first time.

2.  Now repeat this process to create the second protocol.  This time setup the Text Export to export to the same filename as above but tick the Append to existing file option.  Save the changes and run the protocol. 

At this point the output file (c:\out.txt) will contain data from both reads in one file.  You can open this in notepad or Excel for review.

3.  Now the specified file (c:\out.txt) can be imported back into WorkOut/Manta for further analysis. 

Click here to download a Manta/WorkOut 2.5 protocol which can be used for this.  Simply open the protocol and select the output file to import (i.e. out.txt).  This example contains a simple matrix difference calculation here, however if you need more sophisticated analysis edit the protocol or add the analysis to your results file and use File | Save protocol to create a new protocol. 

It is important to note that each time the first protocol is ran it will overwrite the output file (c:\out.txt) however, the actual data is stored within the results file so it will not be lost.

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