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Importing all numeric columns from WIZARD2 CSV

Document ID: DQ307
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.5
Document description: Importing all numeric columns from WIZARD2 CSV

The WIZARD2 CSV file format contains data arranged in a number of columns. WorkOut 2.5 ships with import scripts to import the CPM and Counts column at each position. Additional files are available from here to import all numeric columns from a single or dual measurement WIZARD 2 CSV file. These files support importing all numeric data columns, this is all columns except Protocol ID, Sample Code and Info. The download contains these files:

1. Assay protocol to import all numeric columns: "WIZARD2 Single (All numeric cols).apr" and "WIZARD2 Dual (All numeric cols).apr"
2. Example WIZARD2 files: "Single example.csv" "Dual example.csv"
3. Import scripts: "Flex WIZARD2 10x4 plate Single (All Numeric Columns).mis" and "Flex WIZARD2 10x4 plate Dual (All Numeric Columns).mis"

To get started use the assay protocol files with the example WIZARD2 files (or your own data).  

Install the import scripts to create your own protocol. For more information on using the import scripts see here. When creating a new protocol, in the Import Details step set the Matrices to 10 and for dual set it to 13 (the width and height is 10x4).

Important note: The Measurement date & Time column can only be imported by converting the HH:MM:SS time notation to a numeric value. This is possible but requires a later version of the Import Scripting module than the one is shipped with WorkOut 2.5 R1.  Note, if the format in the CSV file is different it will not work. (For example, if you open then save a CSV file Excel, the format will become HH:MM and this will not import using this script.)

You can download the new import script module from here. Ensure no WorkOut windows are open, unzip the DLL to the WorkOut 2.5 installation folder, replacing the old version (make a backup of existing MImports.dll as required).

(Without updating this DLL the imported Measurement date & Time will appear as 0 and flagged).

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