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Expressions referencing a common row or column group

Document ID: DQ303
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.5 Manta 2.5
Document description: Expressions referencing a common row or column group

To simplify referring to a sample's corresponding group in a row or column group references are available for well associated expressions. This feature is available build 449 and later.

For example, with a plate layout such as:

To divide all samples by the BLK group in the column you can use the "Matrix Expression" transform with the expression: x/Col(BLK) This divides each sample (x) by the BLK group in the column.  (Note that expression are case sensitive)

Similarly, you could divide all samples by their corresponding CTRL group in the row using: x/Row (CTRL)  However, in this case because row H does not have any CTRL group you need to specify that the calculation should not be made on BLK groups otherwise you will see an error such as:

To resolve this use the Do not Calculate Results for Advanced setting under the Input Matrix tab, i.e.

It is important to note that the reference is to the group and not just a single well.  For example,

In this layout which has CTRL groups in duplicate the expression: Row (CTRL) refers to the mean of the CTRLs on each row.

You can also apply list operations on the group reference, for example you if you wanted to refer to the minimum of the CTRL group replicates on each row you can use:

min ([Row (CTRL)])

Also, it should be noted that if there are replicates of the group on other rows/columns they will also be referenced. Thus, if using the Row or Col methods then ensure the layout is designed to meet your requirements.

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