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Automating importing table data with WorkOut 2.5 R1 and /exit

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Document description: Automating importing table data with WorkOut 2.5 R1 and /exit

With WorkOut 2.5 R1 table data can be imported using the /IMPORT command.  However, by design table data imported with WorkOut 2.5 R1 will not appear in the report if the /EXIT command is also used.

In situations where table data is to be imported and it is necessary to close WorkOut a batch file can be created to launch and close WorkOut (instead of using the /EXIT command). 

To illustrate this method files have been provided which demonstrate an example scenario.  Download the files from here and unzip them to c:\wizard2. 

In this scenario WorkOut is launched with a CSV file from a WIZARD instrument, the raw data is imported and also the /IMPORT:GLP command is used to import a run ID from the CSV file. 

To achieve this a batch file has been created which launched WorkOut, waits 10 seconds and then closes workout.  The launch.bat file contains the following lines:

start "WorkOut 2.5" "C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\WorkOut 2.5\MRunRes.exe" "c:\WIZARD2\3 min I-125 2 (4) [DC Mod].apr" "c:\wizard2\000485.csv" /IMPORT:GLP "c:\WIZARD2\WIZARD2 RUNID.mis" "c:\WIZARD2\000485.csv"
call C:\WIZARD2\Wait.bat 10
call C:\WIZARD2\CloseMRunRes.exe

The launch.bat file can be used to perform the operation.

You might want to increase the time period from 10 seconds if the computer is slow or there is lots of data being processed.

Please note, when using auto-print or auto export options WorkOut 2.5 R1 will print/export BEFORE the table data is imported.  If you need to print the report then you have two options: 

1. Switch off auto-print in the protocol and get the user to manually print, i.e. open the results files and print later.
2. Use a later build.  Please contact us for details of obtaining the latest build.

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