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How to: Use WorkOut 2.0 and WIZARD2

Document ID: DQ287
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How to: Use WorkOut 2.0 and WIZARD2

Note, WorkOut 2.5 is now available which includes new features for improved integration with the WIZARD2, click here for more details on WorkOut 2.5 and WIZARD.

For WorkOut 2.0:

The ZIP package available for download from here includes the WorkOut 2.0 build 316 and additional files to support using WorkOut 2.0 with the WIZARD2.

Follow the installation instructions below to setup WorkOut 2.0 for use with the WIZARD2. Example WIZARD2 CSV files are included in this ZIP (00001single.csv and 00002dual.csv).


  1. Ensure that the WorkOut 2.0 USB dongle is NOT inserted into the PC.
  2. Run the SETUP.EXE.
  3. Follow the initial steps of the installation accepting the default settings.
  4. On the Select Features step, untick the VICTOR Drivers Features option and continue through the installation.
  5. . If prompted restart the PC.
  6. Insert the WorkOut USB dongle and wait until the light is permanently lit (not flashing).
  7. Launch WorkOut ensuring that the dongle is correctly detected. (This step is necessary to create the My Assays folder used below)
  8. Copy the import script files:

    Flexi Wizard2 4x10 (single cpm).mis
    Flexi Wizard2 10 vials per plate Dual Measurements (CPM).mis

    to the WorkOut 2.0 IScripts directory at:

    c:\Program Files\Dazdaq\WorkOut 2.0\IScripts
  9. Copy the assay protocol and preview files:

    Preview - WizardSingleLabel.mht
    Preview - WizardDualLabel.mht

    to the My Documents\My Assays\Protocols folder
  10. To simplify the creation of multiple plate layouts in WorkOut 2.0, from the Organiser select Create a new microplate layout, press Next then tick the Multiple Plate check box, press Finish then close the Microplate Layout Editor window without saving. This ensures all new microplate layouts will be created as multiple plates.

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DQ289: How to: Use WorkOut 2.5 and WIZARD2
How to: Use WorkOut 2.5 and WIZARD2

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