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How To: Reprocess results using a different protocol?

Document ID: DQ272
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How To: Reprocess results using a different protocol?

If you want to change the analysis used in a results file normally you must open the results file and setup the analysis. This can be laborious if you have several results files that you would like to change to use the same protocol. To resolve this issue the ReprocessResults tool is available so you can process results using an exisiting protocol file.

The tool available is for download from here.

Download, unzip and run this tool:
  1. Select the results file (ARS) that you want to reprocess.
  2. Select the protocol file (APR) that you want to use to process the data.
  3. Select an output file name for the resulting ARS. By default this is the same as the input but you may want to change the filename so the original is preserved.
  4. Press Reprocess
If the Open results option is ticked the new results file will open with the data processed using the settings in the protocol (previous analyses are available for review from the Versions control)

Please note, this tool does not perform any validation that the ARS and APR are compatible. The APR must be setup to process the type of data in the ARS file (i.e. the same data type, number of plates and matrices). If this is not the case then unexpected errors will occur.

If you want to use this tool to reprocess a results file to use the same method of another results file, then use then open the results file and use Save Protocol to create a protocol file which can be used by this tool.

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