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How To: Share data files between different users

Document ID: DQ254
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How To: Share data files between different users

By default the software uses the Windows My Documents folder to store all data files (assay results, protocols, microplate layouts, data acquisition settings etc.) This means that all data files created by one Windows user are only accessible by that user.

It is possible to share data files between different Windows users by storing them in a shared folder and setting up the software to use that shared folder. For example, you may want to store all data files on a shared local folder (e.g. C:\Shared) or a shared network folder (e.g. \\lab1\shared)

Follow these instructions to setup share application data between Windows users:

  1. Log onto Windows with a user account that can create folders which can be shared by the required users.
  2. If it does not already exist create the folder where the files are to be shared (e.g. C:\Shared)
  3. Use Windows to setup sharing on the folder (including all sub-folders) to those users who need access to these files.
  4. Launch the software.
  5. Specify the location of data files from File | Options | Data in the Organiser application
  6. The software will then create sub-folders for the various data files (assay protocols, results, etc.)
  7. Now you can copy any existing files to be shared to the new folder. For example, you would copy your existing protocols to the C:\Shared\My Assays\Protocols folder.
  8. Repeat steps 4 onwards above for each user requiring access to the shared data.

With this configuration all results files are stored in a sub-directory of the shared folder.

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