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How can I interface my instrument with your software?

Document ID: DQ241
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 WorkOut 1.5 Manta Stingray
Document description: How can I interface my instrument with your software?

There are two methods to interface our software with instrumentation, we call these "offline" and "online".

Offline: Here our software is launched after the measurements are complete, the data is imported from a text file (any text based format including CSV) and analysed as defined in an assay protocol. The software can be launched from the command line to import and analyse a text file and be used as part of an automated process.

We use "import scripts" to describe how the software should import data of a particular type. We can produce import scripts very quickly (typically within 1-2 days) and we provide these free of charge. In this way we can support instrumentation very quickly.

Online: Here the instrument is connected to the PC and the software controls and communicates with the instrument. There is an instrument specific user interface used to configure instrument measurements. When measurements are in progress "live" data can be seen within the software as it arrives from the instrument. This is useful when running long assays such as kinetic measurements.

The online approach requires specific development work here at Dazdaq Solutions for us to provide a device driver that plugs into our software.

From the analysis point of view the software has the same functionality. The offline approach is great for getting started quickly and for developing assay protocols using measured data. When you are up and running with an offline protocol it can easily be converted to an online protocol.

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