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What is a Matrix?

Document ID: DQ223
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: Definition: Matrix

A matrix is a single set of endpoint, kinetic or scan data relating to one measurement step or analysis step. A matrix contains wells corresponding to actual physical wells on the microplate. The width and height of all matrices within an assay are the same. dimensions.

A raw matrix is the set of data relating to a single measurement step.
A calculated matrix is a matrix containing the results of analysis (a transform takes input matrices, performs some operations and may result in calculated matrices).

Example 1:

A simple endpoint assay reading as 12x8 microplate using a measurement and reference wavelength with a ratio calculation there will be 3 matrices:

Raw1: 96 endpoint values at measurement wavelength
Raw2: 96 endpoint values at reference wavelength
Calculated1: 96 ratio calculations between measurement and reference

Example 2:

A maximum slope assay reads 50 kinetic measurements on a 384 well plate, the maximum slope is calculated for each sample, here there are 2 matrices.

Raw1: 50 measurements within each of the 384 wells (i.e. a kinetic plot in each well)
Calcualted1: The maximum slope calculated for each of the 384 samples.

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