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Can I specify a constant that is used in my transforms?

Document ID: DQ214
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How to: Specify An expression constant?

If your analysis involves expressions referring to a constant value that may change it is useful to define the constant and reference it in your expression transforms.  Rather than edit all of the transforms when you want to change the constant value, you can simply edit the constant and recalculate.

For example, rather than using the value “0.123” in each expression you could first create (or insert) an “Expression” transform and set the “Result Name” to “k” and in the expression enter 0.123.  Now in the your expression transforms instead of using the constant 0.123 you can refer to:


(Aassuming the “Expression” transform is the 2nd transform - the number following the # symbol must be the transform to which you are referring to). 

To change the constant just edit the “Expression” transform and press recalculate.

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