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Each time I run a protocol that automatically exports the report, how can I specify the filename for this report?

Document ID: DQ211
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How to: Auto export the report to a specific filename.

If your protocol is setup to export the report as a Word, Excel, HTML or MHT from the Post Analysis options then the filename is automatically named for you.

However, with builds 309 and later it is possible to specify a filename to use.  This is achieved by adding a key to the registry, with this setting all protocols which export the report will use this location:

In the Manta registry settings add a new string key named: AutoExportFixedFilename.  The value of the key should be the filename (do not include the file extension – this will be appended for you depending on the export type).


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