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Where does WorkOut store Results files?

Document ID: DQ193
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: Location of Results files.

The setting, accessible in the Organiser under File | Options | Data, specifies the parent directory where the Organiser manages files. All new files are created under this path, and all Protocols files are created to store the results under this path by default. When a protocol is created, the wizard allows you to specify the Results Directory under the Advanced button of the "Assay Protocol File Details" step.

You can change the data path of an existing protocol as follows: Select the protocol from within the Organiser and select Open. (Alternatively you can select the protocol file from within Explorer, right-click and press Edit). Within the Advanced frame, press the Edit button to edit the Results Filename. Here you can use the Target Directory option to set a target path. If you use the <MyResultsFolder> then this will be treated as the Results folder specified in the parent directory in the Organiser (as above). So when using this macro, changing the path from the Organiser will mean that running those old protocols will use the new path. If however, you specify a fixed path in the Target Directory (rather than using this macro) then of course changing the parent directory will not affect where this protocol stores its results.

To avoid the need to edit each protocol file, we suggest using the macros, such as:


And then you can change the parent data path from the Organiser so that all of your protocol files can be changed (without the need to edit them all).

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