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How To: Use Manta to process raw data from Tecan I-Control software.

Document ID: DQ190
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How To: Use Manta to process raw data from Tecan I-Control software.

The Manta software can be used for data analysis with any Tecan reader using the I-control software (such as the Tecan Sunrise). It is simply a case of importing the I-control data files into Manta and this process can be automated as described here.

Firstly download the import script file Tecan icontrol.mis from here and save it to the MantaIScripts directory, typically:

C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\Manta\IScripts

When you are ready to import your data into Manta locate your raw data file produced in I-control software and open it in Excel. The first thing you need to do is save it as a text file. From Excel select File | Save As | Save as type Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt). Store it somewhere convenient.

(There is an example file Tecan sunrise.txt available from the above download.)

Next, launch Manta and select Create a new protocol option from the Organiser, use one of the Wizards to get started and on the Data Acquisition Step, select “Import data to analyse from a text file” and then press Next (press Help if you need more info). On this step select the text file previously described (make sure it is not open in Excel or any other application), continue through the wizard. When the wizard is complete you can run the protocol for the first time. At this point the data will be imported and processed according to the settings in the protocol. You can refine the protocol as required for your analysis (and use File | Save As to create a further protocol).

At this stage, you have a protocol and the results file. You can run the protocol again and import a different file to calculate more results. There are two ways of doing this, after you have your data in Excel you can use the Excel’s File | Save As | Save as type Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) option to save the file as text. Then from Manta select the protocol to run and then select this new text file.

An alternative method which is much more convenient once setup is to use an Excel macro; this will mean that when you have your data in Excel you only need to press one button and then select which Manta protocol to use and your data will be sent to that Manta protocol (without the need to manually convert data to text files, etc.). There are a number of steps to set it up (which you only have to do once) and you may need to change Excel’s security settings. You can request a copy of this macro from support@dazdaq.com.

Tecan and the Tecan logo are in major countries a registered trademark of Tecan Group Ltd., Mannedorf, Switzerland.

Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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