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How To: Import Kinetic CSV data

Document ID: DQ188
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How To: Import Kinetic CSV data

Kinetic data stored in a CSV format can be imported into the software. This format is used by the EnVision software and other applications and can be easily used to get kinetic data into Manta/WorkOut.

Dowload the files from here.

The "demo_001.csv" file is an example of the format, ensure your data follows this format i.e. 12x8 plates and any number of cycles (plate repeats) in CSV format exactly as this file.

To use the import script file simply store it in the IScripts directory, typically:

C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\WorkOut 2.0\IScripts


C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\Manta\IScripts

Now create your offline protocol pointing the wizard at an example of your CSV to import.

This import script requires build 301 or later, if you are unsure you can check which build is installed from Help | About.

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