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Problem using two Auto-Flag transforms

Document ID: DQ176
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: Problem using two Auto-Flag transforms

If you create two "Auto-flag by Well" transforms which both use the same input matrices then any points which are marked as auto-flagged by the first transform do not appear as flagged in the Data view.

When the auto-flag transform is evaluated WorkOut unflags any previous flags, so although the first transform determines correctly that the Pos Control should be flagged (which you can see in the Audit Trail), on evaluation of the second "Auto Flag by Well" transform the outlier’s flag status is reset.

This problem has been fixed in builds 302 and later or as a workaround combine the two auto-flag transforms into one:

For example, instead of using two auto-flag transforms for these expressions:

(pcv ([Pos Control1]) > 1) and (x = furthest ([Pos Control1]))

(pcv ([Neg Control1]) > 5) and (x = furthest ([Neg Control1]))

use one auto-flag transform with the expression:

((pcv ([Pos Control1]) > 1) and (x = furthest ([Pos Control1]))) or ((pcv ([Neg Control1]) > 5) and (x = furthest ([Neg Control1])))

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