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Kinetic Range

Document ID: DQ173
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How To: Use the Kinetic Range option

The range options are available for all transforms which analyse kinetic data. Simply create or edit a kinetic transform and the range options are under the “Kinetic Data” tab. By default the kinetic analysis is performed on “All points”: if you select the “Points within specified range only” option you can enter X values to define the upper and lower range – so the kinetic analysis will only consider points within this range.

The Min and Max X values can be specified as absolute values or by using an expression which is evaluated for each well.

Note, this X value is either the cycle number or time, based on the setting of the “X Axis” control (also on the Kinetic Data tab).

As an example you may want to find the average of the 11 points near the peak point. To set this up you would create a Peak Point transform on your kinetic data, then create another transform called Kinetic Average: under this transform’s Kinetic Data tab enter the Min X range as:


and the Max X range as:


(#1:X is the cycle at which the peak point occurred)

On calculation, the Peak Point is found and then the average of the points within the range of the Peak+/-5 is calculated.

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