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I want to check that the R2 of the kinetic fit of each well is within a defined range.

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Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How to: check that the R2 of the kinetic fit of each well is within a defined range.

How to check the slope of a kinetic fit is within a defined range:

(#1:m > 0.02) and (#1:m < 0.03)

With a kinetic fit transform a kinetic fit is performed on every well: this means that the output variables are “well output variables”, i.e. one R2 value for each well. This means that you cannot easily write a validation expression condition because the “Validation Expression” transform is not evaluated on each well. However, there are solutions:

Add a Matrix Expression transform and use the expression:


to pull out the R2 for each well. Assuming your samples are not in replicates, you can then use the “Validation” transform (not to be confused with “Validation Expression”), ensure the Input Matrix is the result of your Matrix Expression transform and then create a Validation condition and select that the mean of “All Samples” is, for example, < 0.95.

Alternatively, instead of using the Validation transform you could use the “Single Cut-off” transform, select the correct input matrix and specify a cut-off point as 0.95, you can then use “Pass” and “Fail” as the Negative and Positive labels. In this way the validation results will appear in the table next to each sample.

Similarly for

(#1:m > 0.02) and (#1:m < 0.03)

(Note, the use of : rather than . for well output variable.)

You can write another Matrix Expression and enter the condition:

(#1:m > 0.02) and (#1:m < 0.03)

Then again similarly add another “Validation” transform testing whether the wells are 0 or not (as with R2).

When you have these additional matrices, you may want to hide them in the report: you can now do this as of build 301 using the Edit Transforms button. Select Matrices then double click on the matrix to hide and select the report tab to customise.

One other approach is to use the “Auto Flag by well” to flag each well according to the condition, then you can enter the condition direct into the “Auto Flag transform”. (Note that the “Auto Flag by well” transform is only available when there is at least one endpoint matrix – this may be the case if you have other kinetic reduction analysis but if not you can add a Matrix Expression to pull out some variables.)

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