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How do I create an assay to calculate the Minimum Detection Limit (MDL)?

Document ID: DQ160
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How To: Create an assay to calculate the Minimum Detection Limit (MDL)

For instrument QC it is sometime necessary to calculate the MDL of the instrument under different conditions.

This folder contains various files to demonstrate this. Included is an Excel-Sheet with some dilution curves under different conditions. Rather than use Excel a WorkOut protocol can be used to automatically calculated these values.

A standard curve is used (x = concentration, y= counts) with blank. Now I want to calculate the MDL(Minimum Detection Level) and the MDL is defined X(MDL) = 3*SD(Y(Blank))+ Y(Blank)

The assay protocol and results file demonstrate how this can be setup with WorkOut.

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