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Problem opening APR files with Lotus Works database

Document ID: DQ157
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How to: open APR files with Lotus Works database

Lotus Works uses the same file extension as the Manta/WorkOut protocol files (.apr). Therefore, when you double click on a protocol file it tries to open in Lotus Works.

One solution is to use the right mouse button to open and select "Open with..." each time. Alternatively you can setup the double-click operation as follows:

For Windows Me, 2000, and XP: Double-click the My Computer icon. From the Tools menu, select Folder Options... . In the window that opens, click the File Types tab, scroll down to APR and press Change, select the MRunRes option, if MRunRes is not visible press Browse and navigate to select: C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\WorkOut 2.0\MRunRes.exe

Making this change will then mean that your Lotus Works files will have to be opened using the “Open with…” option.

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