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How to have two standards in the same well?

Document ID: DQ149
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How To: Have two standards in the same well.

In some scenarios it is possible to have 2 standards in the same well. For example, on a 96 well plate the standards can contain both Europium and Samarium signal, with 7 standards on row A and unknowns in the other 89 wells. Standard curve should be created for both labels and as each well contains 2 standards (1 picked up by Europium and 1 picked up by Samarium) 2 standard concentrations should be entered for each of the 7 wells.

This analysis can be setup within one protocol, there are a number of ways to do this, the simplest is described here:

Use the Generic Wizard to get started. Setup the Data Acquisition to measure the two labels and setup the microplate layout containing your standards and unknowns as required (and any blank group if necessary). Complete the wizard and run the protocol for the first time taking your measurements.

To setup the curve fit analysis: press the Edit Transforms button – if a %CV transform has been added then remove this. Press Create and select the Standard Curve Fit transform – the help screen gives more information, press OK. First setup the first curve fit, under the Input Matrix tab and the Source tab, ensure the Europium matrix is selected, use the other tabs to setup the properties of the first curve fit. When finished press OK. Next press Create again and select the Standard Curve Fit transform and create the second curve fit, ensuring you select the Samarium label under both the Input Matrix and Source tabs. Press OK until you return to the main window.

Press Recalculate to calculate your results, you will see the results in the Report and under the Analysis tab. To tweak the fit parameters further, right click on the graph in the Analysis tab and select Edit Transformation and Recalculate to effect the changes.

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