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Is it possible to force the calculated standard curve to go through (0,0)?

Document ID: DQ148
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How To: Force the calculated standard curve to go through (0,0)

You can setup the software so that the line goes through Y=0, to go through X=0 the first Standard concentration should be set as 0.

Use the “Scale Y Axis to B/B0…” option (under the method tab of the Standard Curve Fit) to force to curve to go through 0 by scaling the Y axes between the intercept and the maximum signal. However this will not change the value of the calculated unknowns.

An alternative to this is to create a transform which corrects all of your samples by the lowest Standard. To do this select Edit Transforms, remove all of your transforms and add a Matrix Expression and enter:


which will ensure the mean of the 1st standard is at Y=0. For it to go through X=0 you should set its concentration to 0. Then add your Standard Curve Fit transform to that.

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