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Missing images in Word document

Document ID: DQ137
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: Missing images in Word document

If you export a Word document and then open it on another PC some of the image files are missing.

This is because of the way which the software creates the Word documents:

When the report is exported to Word a document and image files are created, the images are stored as references to files (i.e. they are not part of the Word file). If you move the Word document to another PC you need to also copy the dependant files also. These dependant files are stored in a directory made up of the same name of the Word document with “_files” appended. For example, if your word document is called:

My Generic.doc

The sub-directory containing the dependant image files will be:

My Generic_files

When you copy the Word document copy the _files directory also.

As an alternative, when the Word document is created you can select to save the pictures within the Word document: In Word XP, when the Word document has been created, select Edit | Links, select all of the source files and tick “Save picture in document”. Then use File | Save As and set the File Type as Word document to ensure the images are saved as part of the file.

There are two reasons that the software works in this way: Firstly many popular anti-virus software do not like applications embedding items in Word documents (requiring users to customise or disable their anti-virus software). Secondly, for reasons known only to Microsoft automating the process of embedding the images takes much longer, compared to when it is done manually within Word.

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