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How can I create my own export file structure using a specific directory for different protocols and naming the files by date and time?

Document ID: DQ133
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How to: Specify a file structure to export which includes a specific directory and the date and time marcos.

In the Export transforms you can enter a filename comprising of macros to specify the resulting file. Alternatively, the Browse button can be used to navigate to an existing directory/file.

The Browse… button can only be used to select a specific file to use – you cannot enter the macros in the Open dialogue – only in the Output Filename edit control.

It is possible to Export all files to a specific directory (other than the default results) and name them according to date/time: use the Browse button to navigate to an existing target directory (such as C:\results) and press OK. The Filename edit box will then contain:


You can then edit this to:

C:\results\<CurrentDate> <CurrentTime>

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