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How can I calculate the mean of the replicates?

Document ID: DQ128
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: How To: Calculate the mean of replicates

The mean value of the replicates of EACH group is automatically calculated in the table section of the report; each row shows the mean of each group.

Various transforms allow you to enter expressions to customise your analysis. Simply by referring to a group in an expression, such as:


refers to the mean of the replicates which are labelled as Unknown1 wells (flagged wells are excluded). Please note that expressions are case sensitive.

If you need to refer to the individual values of each replicate then you can use square brackets to extract these values.

For example, to find the mean of the replicates belonging to the groups Unknown1 and Unknown2, create an “Expression” Transform and enter the expression:

mean ([Unknown1, Unknown2])

This will add a new section to the report containing the mean of the groups in the list. The square brackets [] in the expression “extract” the replicate values of the groups which are then “mean”ed.

You can find the mean of all samples of a specific type, for example to find the mean of all Unknown wells you can use:

mean ([Unknown])

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