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Can the files for my multiple plate VICTOR assays be exported by individual plate?

Document ID: DQ115
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How To: Export the data from a multiple plate VICTOR assay into separate individual plate files?

The VICTOR manager can only export all of the data measured into one file. If you want your data to be in separate files you could manually edit the exported text files and split them into single plate files:

Open the text file in notepad, in the table at the start you will see: in the results the first column shows the plate number. To make the file for the first plate, scroll down and select and delete plates after plate 1. Save this as a new file for your first plate.

For the subsequent plates open the original file and remove the relevant lines leaving only the section for the new plate. The one additional step you have to make is to ensure the reported plate number is always 1. It would be tedious to go through and change all the numbers (e.g. from 2 to 1). You cannot simply change all of the 2s to a 1 as this will affect your results. Instead use the mouse to select the text in one line of the first two columns, so ensure the following is highlighted:

2 1

Then press Ctrl + C. Next, go to Edit | Replace and under Find What, press Ctrl+V, this will paste a 2 followed by a symbol and then 1. Then in Replace press Ctrl+V again and change the first number to a 1 and press Replace All. Now you can save the file.

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