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How can I get WorkOut to launch automatically when the VICTOR has finished measurements?

Document ID: DQ114
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How To: Launch WorkOut from VICTOR after measurements have completed (offline mode)

Rather than using WorkOut to control the VICTOR you can setup the VICTOR to launch WorkOut and import the VICTOR measurements and process the data after the VICTOR readings are completed.

To do this use the Wallac 1420 Manager software to setup your VICTOR measurements as normal. Now open the VICTOR protocol for editing. Select the Outputs tab and tick File Output. Select Text as the File type.


Now save the protocol and run it for the first time.

Now create a WorkOut 2.0 protocol to import this file, for example by using the Generic Wizard. On the Data Acquisition step, select to import and specify the new file:


Next run the protocol for the first time and customise as necessary. Save the protocol as required and make a note of the filename.

Now that you have a WorkOut 2.0 protocol which can import your data and process as required edit the VICTOR protocol to launch WorkOut and run this protocol. Now, return to the Wallac 1420 manager and open the protocol again. Under the outputs tab you can modify the filename if required so that it is built up of macros if require (using the button on the right of the edit box). For example, change c:firstrun.txt to <protocolname><assayid>. Next select the Events tab and end the Assay end system command use the … button to select the MRunRes.exe file which is located in the WorkOut 2.0 installation directory, typically:

C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\WorkOut 2.0\MRunRes.exe

In the second edit box enter the WorkOut 2.0 protocol filename you created earlier and follow this with a space and <OutputFileName> For example:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Me\My Documents\My Assays\Protocols\My Generic.apr" <OutputFileName>

Now when you run the VICTOR protocol after measurements are completed, WorkOut will be opened, the data imported and processed.

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