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How can I use transformation from several different wizards?

Document ID: DQ112
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How To: Setup Transforms

The wizards are great for getting started quickly with specific applications as they do a lot of the setup for you behind the scenes. For applications that are not handled by the specific wizards use the Generic Wizard to setup your measurements (or import) and microplate layout. Then run the protocol to get the raw data. Next use the Edit Transforms button to layer your own transforms as you require. There are over 30 transforms available so it will take you some time to learn about all what is possible but the transforms concept is at the heart of the software. With the transforms you can build up your analysis layer by layer and because you have the raw data you can see the results straight away.

When you are happy with your analysis setup, use the File | Save Protocol option to save the protocol ready for future runs.

If you have a results file which has already been setup using a specific wizard, then you can use Edit Transforms to review and edit the transforms setup by the wizard and add more as required.

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