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Can I include the date and time on every page of the report?

Document ID: DQ107
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How To: Include the Date and Time on every page of the report.

You can select to include the date and time on every printout. Open a results file and press the Print Preview button. In the Print Preview window, on the right of the Print button is the Page Setup icon. Press this and then you can setup the page header and footer. You can use the Help button (?) to get more info but you can enter:

&D &T

for the time and date to appear as the header or the footer (on every page)

or you can use something like:

&D &T &bPage &p of &P

for the date and time on the left and page number on the right.

You only need to make this change once and it be effective for all reports you print out.

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