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The software crashes when editing the Dilution Factors on Windows 98.

Document ID: DQ102
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: Error Message: “MRunRes caused an invalid page fault in module Transforms.dll” when editing the Dilution Factors on Windows 98.

When editing the Dilution Factors transform on a Windows 98 PC the software may crash. This can happen if the number of samples on the microplate layout has been changed since the protocol was created or the transform was added.

This is a known problem with builds earlier than 292. To resolve this, either get the latest version of the software or alternatively download this fix:

Download the fix from here.

Follow these instructions:
  1. Ensure the software is not running.
  2. Backup the existing files in the software directory by renaming them. The files are:
  3. Rename each of these files, to eg MAdmin.bak, MAssData.bak, Transforms.bak.
  4. Unzip files in the download to the software directory.

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