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Can I transfer VICTOR WorkOut 2.x protocols created on one PC to another?

Document ID: DQ096
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 WorkOut 2.5
Document description: How To: Transfer VICTOR WorkOut 2.x protocols from one PC to another.

If you create a WorkOut protocol which takes VICTOR measurements on one PC and intend to use the protocol on another PC, there are special considerations:

The VICTOR measurement settings are actually stored in the Wallac VICTOR database; a WorkOut protocol references this database. Therefore, when moving the WorkOut protocol you must ensure the VICTOR database on the target PC matches the references in the WorkOut protocol files.

To update the VICTOR database on the target PC (if transferring many protocol files):

Since Dazdaq did not develop the Wallac manager software you should follow these instructions with caution (or at least contact the VICTOR specialists to check this is OK in your situation)

After copying the WorkOut protocols from one PC to another, you must also copy the VICTOR database files in:

C:\Program Files\Wallac\Wallac1420\Data


C:\Program Files\PerkinElmer\PerkinElmer2030\Data

Of course overwriting these files on the target PC will destroy any previous settings in the existing VICTOR database. It is recommended you backup the contents of this directory first.

To overwrite the files in this directory you must make sure that you are not running the VICTOR software. If it is running you can stop the VICTOR as follows: Close all VICTOR windows, then press Ctrl+Alt+Del, select Processes, find and select the MlrSrv.exe and select End Process.

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