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How To: Setup a % absorbance calculation by row

Document ID: DQ093
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 1.5 Stingray
Document description: How To: Setup a % absorbance calculation by row

In a particular absorbance assay the task is to calculate the % of each well, where column 12 has the 100% measurements for each row.

Setup the measurements and microplate layout as required.

Next, create a new User Defined transform, optionally give a name to the transform and output (e.g. %). Continue through the wizard and accept the default options. The matrix expression control is then displayed to allow you to enter an expression in each well.

Use the mouse to select the wells A1-A12 and enter the expression in the x’= control at the top of the screen:


and then press Return

Repeat this process for the remaining rows, i.e 100*x/b12 for row B, etc.

Now close the matrix expression control, save the protocol and run it. You will see the results in the new % matrix.

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