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Unable to open or use any existing protocols for taking readings with the VICTOR

Document ID: DQ090
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0
Document description: Error Message: “Protocol (num. 900XXX) database contains no labels”

When trying to open a protocol file if you received the error message:

"MRunRes Run-time error 2147352567 (80020009) Protocol (num. 9000XXX) from database contains no labels""


“Error Loading Protocol (num 9,000,XXX) from database - Protocol was not found. Protocol ID was 9000XXX.”

(Where 9000XXX is any number)

This problem can occur in two situations:

1: If you try to run a protocol file which was created on one PC on another PC. Since the VICTOR measurement settings are stored in the Wallac VICTOR database you cannot use a WorkOut protocol created on one PC on another. You have to recreate the protocol on the second PC. This is a limitation of the VICTOR manager software. One workaround is to copy the C:\Program Files\Wallac\Wallac1420\Data contents on both PCs or download the tool available from here.

2: If the VICTOR database is modified independently from the WorkOut software. Check whether the VICTOR database has been modified without your knowledge. Perhaps the VICTOR manager software has been updated or perhaps the labels have been modified? If so the only solution is to restore an earlier backup (you have made) of the VICTOR database (in C:\Program Files\Wallac\Wallac1420\Data)

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