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Can I specify dilution factors in WorkOut 1.5

Document ID: DQ072
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 1.5
Document description: How To: Specify dilution factors in WorkOut 1.5

This is possible in WorkOut 1.5 but is a bit tricky to setup. Add a User Defined Transform, select the Concentrations matrix (for the x and y variables if prompted) and select the default Auto-mean option. When the wizard is completed you will see a microplate view with the x symbol in each well. Now select the wells which you want to apply a factor using the mouse, then in the edit box in the top left labeled x= enter an expression such as x*100 to use a dilution factor of 100. Repeat this process for your other samples. Save the protocol then return to your results.

This feature is greatly simplified in WorkOut 2.0 and is built into the Quantitative wizard (click here and select the Quantitative wizard for a quick tour).

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