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Can I launch WorkOut 2.0 for measurements made by WorkOut 1.5?

Document ID: DQ070
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 WorkOut 1.5
Document description: How To: Launch WorkOut 2.0 from WorkOut 1.5

It is possible to launch WorkOut 2.0 to process measurements made from WorkOut 1.5. This is useful for using old WorkOut 1.5 protocols, using the linking protocols feature of WorkOut 1.5, or using scan mode.
  1. Create the protocol in WorkOut 1.5 to take measurements (.pro file).
  2. Run the protocol once.
  3. Locate where the result file has been stored (.dat). You can do this by selecting File | Save as. A dialogue will be displayed with the filename and full path – make a note of this.
  4. Use WorkOut 2.0 to create a protocol which can import this .dat file. Use the Generic wizard and select the WorkOut 1.5 dat file to import (you have just made a note of its full path)
  5. If the wizard cannot import the dat file, email the dat file to Dazdaq. Continue through the wizard. Make a note of the resulting WorkOut 2.0 assay protocol file (apr).
  6. Complete the wizard.
  7. Return to WorkOut 1.5 and open the original protocol. Press the Post Read button (a green book icon), tick the Launch Application and then enter the following:

    C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\WorkOut 2.0\MRunRes “APRFile” “#r”

    This is, the MRunRes file located in the installation directory (amend this if a different installation directory was used), followed by the WorkOut 2.0 APR file (its full path was noted in the wizard within quotes) followed by “#r”.
For example replace APRFile with something like C:\Documents and Settings\Darren Cook\My Documents\My Assays\Protocols\My generic (1).apr. Note it must be in quotation marks “”

Now when you run the WorkOut 1.5 protocol, after measurements WorkOut 2.0 will be launched. You can modify the WorkOut 2.0 protocol to add your analysis accordingly or change the apr file to use.

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