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Can I combine kinetic data measured from two different VICTOR steps into one?

Document ID: DQ062
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0
Document description: Application Example: Cell-based membrane potential assay

In a cell-based membrane potential assay with fluorescent dye kinetic measurement mode is used to read background fluorescent output for about 10 seconds before adding a reagent and then measuring any change in fluorescent output for a further 30 seconds. The VICTOR’s first kinetic step has 30 repeats at 0.3 seconds, then the reagent is added and then a second kinetic step for 90 repeats at 0.3 seconds. The assay is run in a 96 well plate although not all wells are read.

With these measurements, the VICTOR will result in two matrices of results, the first 30 repeats and the second 90 repeats. In order to combine the two sets of results into one an import script can be used to import all of the data into one matrix.

Download the import script and sample data files from here.

Store the import script file (MIS) in the IScripts directory (a sub-directory of the installation directory). You can then import files of the format used in the example text files, in the wizard select MP3 Dye.

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