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Can I show positive reactors from kinetic graphs?

Document ID: DQ061
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: Application Example: Positive Kinetic Reactors

You can set up the software to show positive reactors from kinetic data. You first need to decide what defines a positive reactor and then use this to define a cut-off point.

For example if the positive reactor is defined by a maximum slope which exceeds a certain threshold (such as 1.5): set-up a Maximum Slope transform and then a Single Cut-off transform which labels all groups Positive or Negative based on a defined maximum slope cut-off point (e.g. 1.5). The Maximum Slope transform will calculate the gradient of the maximum slope for each well and the Single Cut-off transform compares each maximum slope with the cut-off point and labels the wells Positive or Negative accordingly.

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