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GFP Kinetics Assay

Document ID: DQ052
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 Manta
Document description: Application Example: Determine the delta values (difference between a baseline and kinetic measurement at a specified point)

An entire plate is repeatedly read numerous times for GFP (kinetics).   For each well, the difference between the baseline and the kinetic measurement at a specified point is to be calculated. 


  1. When you have the kinetic raw data in the software (the example file “Example Kinetics 1.ars” is a good example), press Edit Transforms and select the Baseline correction transform.  The screen will then describe the available options for baseline determination.  Press OK and select the Method tab to choose a method. 
  2. Next press Create… to add another transform and select Kinetic Point.  Under the Kinetic Data tab, check that the X axis is either Cycle or Time, depending on how you want to specify the point.  Under the Point tab specify the Cycle or Time point at which to find the difference between the baseline and the kinetic measurement. Press OK until you return to the main window. 
  3. Now press Recalculate and then view the Analysis tab.  Within this tab, the Baseline Correction tab displays the results of the Baseline for each well and the Kinetic Point tab displays the difference between the baseline and the kinetic measurement at the specified point for each well.  The vertical green dashed bar can be dragged to specify a different point; you can then press Recalculate to calculate with the revised settings.

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