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What is the quickest way to take measurements now?

Document ID: DQ040
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How to: Take measurements with an instrument now and setup some analysis afterwards…

To setup and launch a basic Assay Protocol:

  1. From the Organiser Welcome Screen select Create a new protocol.
  2. The Select New Assay Protocol Wizard screen will be displayed, press OK to start the Generic Wizard.
  3. Press the Next button to step through the Wizard.
  4. On the Data Acquisition Method step press the Create... button to specify the measurements to perform in the instrument's own configuration window.
  5. On returning to the Wizard step press Next.
  6. On the Microplate Layouts step select an existing Microplate Layout or click Create... to specify the layout of your samples (you can change this later if required).
  7. Press Next to continue through the remaining steps of the Wizard.  You can accept the default parameters or modify them as required.
  8. On the final Wizard step press the Finish button to launch the new Assay Protocol.

To take the measurements:

  1. Press the Start button on the horizontal toolbar in the main Run and Results window.
  2. After the readings have been completed you can Review the Results.

To setup analysis after the measurements have been taken:

  1. If you want to edit the microplate layout press the Edit Microplate Layout button.
  2. Press the Edit Transforms button in the main Run and Results window.
  3. Press the Create... button to create transforms as required.
  4. Press the Recalculate button in the main Run and Results window for the new results to be calculated.

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