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Which file should I use to install the software on my PC?

Document ID: DQ038
Relevant to following products: Manta: WorkOut 2.0: WorkOut 2,5
Document description: How To: Install the application from the CD.

The easiest way is to use the Install Now option available in the CD launcher.  You can launch the CD from Launch.exe if it is not automatically run when the CD is inserted.   With this approach additional information about the installation procedure is displayed which is worth reading.
However, if you want to by-pass the CD launcher you can call Setup.exe.
Setup.exe calls either SetupW.exe or SetupA.exe based on the version of Windows in use. SetupW.exe is for Windows XP/2000/NT and SetupA.exe is for Windows 95/98/ME (SetupA may not be included on the CD but can be downloaded separately if it is ever required).  Thus, if you need to redistribute the application installation files to other PCs you only need to copy and run SetupW.exe or SetupA.exe.

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