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Importing Multiple-plate data

Document ID: DQ033
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How To: Import Multiple Plate Data…

When importing data files which contain multiple plate data you must ensure that the microplate layout contains the same number of plates as being imported.
This means that you can create a protocol which imports multiple plate data files; this could be initially set-up with a microplate layout using 2 plates.  However, if you then use that protocol to import data files containing any other number of plates than 2 then the microplate layout editor will be displayed and you will need to edit the microplate layout to correspond to the imported the data.
For example, you can use the wizard to create a protocol which will import the following file (included in the installation directory)
IScripts\Samples\VICTOR2\victor-rawdata_list only (2 plates).txt"
This file contains 2 plates of data.  On the Import Details step of the wizard press Next as normal and on the preview step you can see the imported data (select Preview Properties to view each plate).  On the next step of the wizard you should specify a microplate layout to use and this must correspond to the data imported (i.e. contain the same number of plates as those just imported). 
If there are no compatible microplate layouts you should create one (with the same number of plates as those imported) by pressing Create….  When you have created a microplate layout containing the correct number of plates, continue and complete the wizard and then run the protocol.  You will see the data imported. 
Now if you run this protocol again but import a file containing a different number of plates, for example (also included in the installation directory):
IScripts\Samples\VICTOR2\victor-rawdata_list only (3 plates).txt"
This file contains 3 plates so after the data has been imported the microplate layout editor is displayed to allow the creation of a 3 microplate layout.

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