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Multi-wavelength Cellular Kinetic Example

Document ID: DQ031
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: Application Example: Kinetic Ratio Calculation

In a multi-wavelength cellular assay two different wavelengths (340nm and 380nm) and an emission for each excitation at 510nm are used. The fast kinetic (signal appears after addition of a substrate) will be measured by well with approximately 15 repeats for each well and then the next well will be measured. In general one kinetic at 340nm will show a slight increase of the signal over time and the kinetic at 380nm will show a slight decrease over time. Better results can be obtained by calculating the ratio between 340nm and 380nm because this is a much bigger change.
To create this assay protocol use the Generic Wizard to set-up your kinetic measurements with your instrument.  After you have taken measurements you can use the Edit Transforms button to add a Kinetic Ratio transform to perform the analysis you require, simply specify the matrices to use in the calculation (e.g. the excitation filter wavelengths 340 and 380).

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