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Iím having trouble using Manta with my Lucy (L1Win.exe).

Document ID: DQ028
Relevant to following products: Manta
Document description: Error Message: The parameter is incorrect.

It is important that the Lucy files are located correctly, if they are no then the following message is generated after selecting start run from within Manta:
C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\Stingray\l1win\L1Win.exe
The parameter is incorrect.
It is essential that the L1WIN.EXE is stored in a directory using the 8.3 naming convention (i.e. a simple folder name). Therefore, copy the Lucy files to a folder such as C:\LUCY
  1. First, in Explorer navigate to your Lucy1 installation directory (if you have Stingray installed navigate to the directory: C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\Stingray\l1wins)
  2. Select all the files and press Copy.
  3. Now create a directory: C:\lucy and paste the files in this directory.
  4. You must check the Lucy is setup on the correct COM port. i.e. identify which COM port Lucy is in and then from Start | Run type:
    notepad c:\lucy\CONFIG.DAT
  5. On line 2, check the COM port is correct (ie COM1 for 1 or COM2 for 2). Save any changes.
  6. Now run the program:
    "C:\Program Files\Dazdaq\Manta\AnLucy1SetupClient.exe"
  7. When this loads, press OK on any message boxes that may appear, then press the top Browse button and locate L1WIN in C:\LUCY
  8. Next enter a temp directory which exists such as c:\temp. (This must also be a short filename)
  9. Finally press the Get Configuration from Lucy button. If there is any problem check the COM port and check Lucy is switched on and on the main screen.

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