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Can I see the individual kinetic data points?

Document ID: DQ020
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How To: See the individual kinetic data points…

During or after readings from the Data View double-click on a kinetic well for a zoomed graph of the kinetic plot. Also, to view the individual points by matrix, right click on the matrix view and select Properties, under the Data tab use the Data control to select to view data by Point or Time and press Apply or OK to commit the changes.

The software has been designed as a data reduction package and for this reason by default the table of individual kinetic data points is not included within the report. Kinetic thumbnail images are available to graphically present the kinetic measurements. The software provides many transforms for analysis of the raw data and these reductions can be included alongside the kinetic graphics.

For build 291 or later select File | Report Options... and tick Include Raw Kinetic Data table to include a table of the raw kinetic measurements in the report.

If you want to export the raw data for kinetics this can be done using the text export (you can easily open the text file in Excel). To do this you set the text export up in the Post Analysis Options of the protocol wizard or protocol editor. Or if you already have the data in a results file, use Edit Transforms and select the Matrix Export transform - select your requirements and then on Recalculation the text file will be produced containing the raw kinetic data and any calculation results.

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