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Can I modify my raw data based on its relation to a calibrator?

Document ID: DQ018
Relevant to following products: Manta WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How To: Modify raw data conditionally with a calibrator…

It is not possible to “modify raw data” however you can create a transform which produces output based using a condition on the raw data.
For example, in one assay each sample is compared against the measurement of a calibrator (in well A1), if the sample < the calibrator then the sample result should be set to the calibrator’s measurement.
To achieve this create a Matrix Expression Transform and enter the following expression:
((x < A1) * A1) + ((x > A1) * x) + ((x = A1) * A1)
This expression is evaluated in each well (x is substituted for the measurement of each well) and results in a new matrix where each sample with a measurement less that A1 is set to A1’s measurement. 
The expression uses Boolean logic and relies on the fact that logic is evaluated to 0 or 1.  The 3 branches of the expression must be mutually exclusive, ie. If the sample is <= A1 it is set to A1 otherwise the sample’s original value is preserved.
You can substitute A1 for a specific sample name if using replicates (such as Control1).

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