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What is an Assay Protocol?

Document ID: DQ014
Relevant to following products: Manta ; WorkOut 2.5 ; WorkOut 2.0
Document description: Definition: Assay Protocol

Assay Protocol

An Assay Protocol defines all of the settings and procedures required to perform a particular type of test.

An Assay Protocol is a self contained file which specifies the Data Acquisition settings, the Microplate Layout, the Transforms (which detail the analysis), the report options and result file management.

When an Assay Protocol is run, its specified procedures for acquiring and processing the data are executed. After data acquisition the analyses are calculated, the report is automatically produced and all of the results are saved to a file. The result file contains its own copy of the Assay Protocol which was used to create the results (so any changes made to the original Assay Protocol do not affect the results).

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