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What is a transform?

Document ID: DQ013
Relevant to following products: Manta ; WorkOut 2.5 ; WorkOut 2.0
Document description: Definition: Transform


A transform is a layer of analysis which performs an operation on input data, resulting in output data. Transforms can be layered to define the analysis operations of the test. Each transform has a number of settings used to specify the parameters of the analysis.

For example, the Factor transform takes an input matrix of endpoint data (this could be the raw measurements from the instrument) and then multiplies each endpoint value by a specified factor resulting in an output matrix of factored data.

Further transforms can be created which take the output of one transform as their input. Manta and WorkOut provide an extensive library of transforms to cater for even the most demanding assay requirements. Manta and WorkOut include a number of Wizards which automatically set up the required transforms for typical applications.  For example, the Quantitative Wizard may set up a Blank Correction transform with Standard Curve Fit and Dilution Factor transforms to calculate concentrations of blank corrected data with an specified dilution factor for each Unknown group.


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