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How can I run an HTS assay which reads more than one plate?

Document ID: DQ011
Relevant to following products: Manta ; WorkOut 2.5 ; WorkOut 2.0
Document description: How To: Run an assay over multiple plates…

Support for multiple plate analysis is built into the software. All analysis can be performed across multiple plates. For example, you could read standards on one plate and use them to calculate concentrations of unknowns from other plates.
Simply create a microplate layout (MLO) with multiple plates defined. This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. From the Organiser, select Create a New Microplate Layout. Within this wizard tick the Multiple Plate option. You can then use the Microplate Layout editor to create a multiple plate layout. Double-click on a thumbnail to edit a specific plate. You can use the Advanced option to create a more complicated sequence of plates to read. The resulting Microplate Layout will be available for use within the Application Wizards.  
  2. From within an Application Wizard (such as the Generic Wizard) on the Microplate Layouts step, press the Advanced button on the Microplate Layouts wizard step and ensure the Create Multiple Plate Layouts option is ticked. Then click Create on the Microplate Layouts wizard step to create a multiple plate layout.
Note, when editing the multiple plate layout, the numbering of each group on each plate is local to the plate (e.g. 1-96),. However, when the layout is used, the group numbering is global. For example, if using 96 Unknowns on each plate, the first Unknown on plate 2 is Unknown97.
Within each Application Wizard the Microplate Layouts wizard step displays thumbnails of the available microplate layouts. Those layouts which are multiple plate are displayed with a “dog-ear” on the top right hand corner of the thumbnail.
Multiple plate assays can work with online or offline measurements.

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